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Website Development is the process of creating software which ensures the sales and creates a brand for your product. Web Development had become a common thing for any surviving business. Let it be a beauty parlor or a maid providing company, everyone is getting their name from the branding. The foundation for branding is laid by the website development with the help of full stack developers. Here at Semidot Infotech, we believe in bringing your ideas to life, hence we do thorough research on the sort of product available with you and then create a suitable website, choosing the best theme, images, technology and the topmost content with the help of our best front-end developers & website developers. The whole purpose of all this activity is to ensure the growth of your company so that we can grow along.

How can Semidot help, why we are the best?

Semidot Infotech can help you create the best for yourself and for some listed reasons;

Top Domain Experts :

Our team includes domain experts who can get the web application development on time without compromising on the quality.

Delivery Assured on Time:

We believe in timely delivery as per the set deadlines. This brings us lots of fame and reputation in the market.

Cost Saving:

Most affordable price is one of the reasons why one should choose Semidot Infotech. We bring the most innovative technologies to you at an unbelievable price.

Why are they useful?

Any professional site looks for growth; hence they need a platform where they can showcase all their domain expertise, their USPs, Features, and Benefits in a package form. This helps in clinching the customer away from the rest of the competitors because of the branding edge. Now the only responsible factor for branding today is “Getting listed on the Web”. This activity ensures promotions along with reputation building. Hence Website Development for your business is important so that you can get listed with others and outshines them because of the hold on your skill-set.


How many types of Web Site Development Technology are available?


Being the simplest of all the technologies put into use, it is considered a sure-shot solution for majorly e-commerce projects. The benefit of working on this technology is the safety on the server-end. This technology came into existence considering the creation of web-pages, and since then PHP along with its various frameworks and upgraded versions is known to create web-pages only. PHP is the most popular choice while choosing a web programming language.

Ruby on Rails

The most amazing part of RoR has been its design which furnishes finish incorporation with secluded web server interface and support for rails motor. At Semidot infotech, we have confidence in engaging your business with first-rate web applications created by our master software engineers with vital aptitudes and ability on Ruby on Rails structure. It's the best solution for small to mid-level companies where the user base can be relatively big. ROR load balancing is one of the best in industry.

JS (javaScript)

JS alongside HTML, CSS shapes the building square of the internet. It is utilized to decide the conduct of the website pages. A decent engineer can make your site light and quick with effective utilization of Javascript as they are executed on the client's machine as opposed to on the web server. Well known JS utilized nowadays are Angular, React, Node and so forth. React JS is very popular these days although Angular JS with its new iterations is quite popular as well.


CMS is a module based framework, and it makes employment of existing modules and rapidly assembles your site with different elements. These days CMS is extremely prevalent because of the speed at which site can be made and the reality of the situation is that CMS has a great deal preferred and some of the time more reasonable over a bespoke arrangement. As the CMS's are accessible with different innovations, for example, ROR, Python, PHP, and JS.

History and future of web development?

Initially, the web – development was not that famous, but the scope and modulation had brought it to the front-end. Today anyone who wishes to start his business will look for a site before than any other thing in order to promote the business. Various upgraded technologies had made it tough to clinch the competition.

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