Why hire AWS developers?

Amazon Web service has emerged as a major player in hosting business due to its massive reach-ability and reliability. AWS is a highly secure cloud service platform to host your applications. We are official Amazon partner so our AWS developers are up to date with the latest know-how of Amazon web services. AWS could be a right solution for you if you are looking for an extremely reliable hosting provider which can handle massive user load & big data integrations.

AWS is also very SEO friendly and provides a platform to implement best SEO services. However, its setup can be a tricky proposition if not done by the right person.

Why Hire AWS developers expert in delivering World Class Cloud-based Solutions from Semidot?

Cost and hiring process

  • The hourly cost of our AWS developer start at US$ 30 per hour and goes upwards as per the skill set and experience required. We write optimize codes which are very light on the system and easy to maintain.

  • The hiring process is started by sending us your requirement over request a quote. Once received our development team will review and analyze your requirement in detail.

  • The second step is usually the discovery call. In this step, we finalize the scope of the work and number of hours required. We believe this is the most important part as the developer and client should be on the same page throughout the project development cycle.

  • Once the scope is finalized we can talk price and payment terms. The official project document is signed by both the parties and work begins.

  • During the project development, our developer will be available via slack, asana or via Skype to track the workflow. Weekly review meetings are arranged as per client's convenience.

Amazon Web ServicesToolkit

Below are our current toolkit for AWS which materializes your ideas into a reality.
Besides these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.