Best Android app development Company

Android is a mobile operating system by Google which is world’s most popular app platform. Android is the market leader in app industry and has over 2 million apps over play store. Apps can give a significant advantage to your product as more and more users are using hand-held devices to access the internet. Android benefits from a massive user base and apps are generally more successful over Android due to the wider customer base they have. Android is an open source platform built on Linux. Since its open source, it's easier to learn and integrate and enjoys massive support community as compared to its counterpart, iOS developers. Semidot is a one of the leading Android app development company and with the help of its top android app developers, we are always delivering the best apps as products to our clients.

Android App Development Company, what do they do differently?

Our top android app developers ensure that the app we deliver to our clients is best in designs, swift in the transition, it is functioning as per the client requirements and is small in size. Moreover, our top Android app developers make sure we do not compromise the user data security in anyways and develop the app keeping all the security risks in mind, hence negating the chances of any data loss or hacking.
Our development team, along with our business team, converts our clients' thoughts into the reality in the best possible way, making sure that we do not miss even a single requirement and parameters laid down by our clients, making us the best android mobile app development company

Advantages of Android

  • Android apps are cheaper to develop thanks to the free distribution of its Software Development Kit (SDK). With a low cost of development, android application developers can use their remaining funds for marketing and other services.
  • Android apps can be freely transferred to other users through other platforms like Amazon or third-party app stores.
  • Since Android is the market leader in a number of devices, Android apps reachability is generally wider than its competitors.
  • Android apps can be customized to particular business needs as the platform is very flexible and provides minimal restrictions on the operating system.
  • Google play store is generally liberal compared to its competitors when it comes to app approval. Uploading an android app is generally a hassle-free process.


Below are our current toolkit for Android which materializes your ideas into a reality.
Besides these, Project managers and QA are involved throughout the span of the project.