SemiDot Capabilities

How we do it

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering is one of the most important parts of project development. We at SemiDot have several meeting with the client and do proper documentation of all the requirements so that the development team and client is on the same page. Once approved by the client we plan the development phase.

Optimal way forward

Once the scope of the project is finalized, we plan the technology best suited for the application development. Once that is approved by the client we make the flowcharts, sitemap and design flow so that the client can have a blueprint before starting. Any input from the client at this stage is also taken into consideration.


Once the requirements are finalized and the tech is also finalized, we start the designing phase. We show at least 2 design mockup to the client and work according to client's preference. Once designs are approved we start the design implementation phase, i.e., PSD and HTML/CSS phase. We use latest design tech with high-quality images and effects for best results.


When the blueprint of the project is ready we start the coding process. Our project manager regularly checks the quality of the code so that the final product is optimized and runs smoothly over all the major devices. We regularly share updates with the client so that he/she is always notified of the progress.

Testing & Deployment

Once the project is complete and the client is satisfied with the functionality, we start a rigorous testing on all the devices and test all the possible scenarios. After this process is done, the client can test the final draft and once we get the final nod, the work is transferred from our server to the client' server.

Why us

Developing Ultra High Quality

The product quality is our main bone of contention. Whatever comes from SemiDot work desk is QA tested and assures word class quality.

A team of Aces

Our team comprises of full stack developers and designers who are aware of all the latest IT trends and can implement them in your product.

Time is Money

In this fast age world, time is literally money for any professional, we strive at making our product available to you on or before our promised date.

Heart and soul

We believe that every product can be improved by right guidance and suggestions, we view your product as our own and suggest new tweaks to improve the User experience.

Cutting Edge

We love the latest tech and we are more likely to work on the latest tech rather than outdated tool sets unless there is a specific requirement.

24x7 Support or (The world is not Flat)

Our clients come from all parts of the globe. So it doesn't matter if you are an early riser or a night crawler, we are always available.